Business Tips for Small Businesses 

If you're a small business owner, Browns Business is a collection of my top business tips, tricks and lessons. Plus business lessons from some of the world's top CEO and marketing leaders.


Free tips from a real small business owner.

I started my first business at 20 without a business degree, so I know how hard starting a new business can be. But over 14 years I've learned hundreds of tips and tricks which can help excel your business.

Whether you need help to hit a million £/$ worth of sales or you're just trying to get your very first sale, this site will help you in no time.

Experienced in business

From starting a business to product design, importing, tax, accounts, exporting, marketing or sales, there's useful tips on here for all.

Unique Approach

The lessons and tips from this site will come from 'real world' experience not a theory or a non tested source.

Learn from others

If you know something handy, get it touch so I can post it on the site to help others.I believe we can all help each other to become the best.

Short & Focused Videos 

Let's cut the shit. There's nothing worse that a 2 hour lesson with 2 mins worth of useful content. I'm creating new 3 minute videos which will help you build your business faster.

About Me

I started my first business ( at 20, I'm now 34 and in that time I've learnt everything from:

  • Product design
  • Marketing
  • e-Mail marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Packaging design
  • Importing and exporting all around the world
  • Starting a business in a foreign country
  • Sales growth
  • Analytics and customer retention
  • Business awards
  • Accounts and more
I'm not some kind of weird genius either, I picked up these tips from simply reading books, attending talks, speaking to other business leaders. If anything felt 'stupid' when I started my first business, however every single day is a learning curve and on reflection I've learnt a ton of useful information through the years. 
I truly love the world of business and that's why I've started this blog, to help you.
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